The INDEX-MATCH formula is an example of a simple nested function where we use the result from the MATCH function as one of the arguments for the INDEX function. Using an approximate match, searches for the value 0.1 in column A. It’s a single column range. Introducing the Money Management Template, Using Pivot Tables to Analyze Income and Expenses, Technical Support for Gantt Chart Template Pro, Introducing the Vertex42 Money Management Template. The INDEX function allows you to return a value from a 3D array. Item 1 0.2 0.5 0.46 0.3 0.33 0.33 MATCH (lookup_value,lookup_array, [match_type]) It has mainly three arguments, lookup value, a range to lookup for the value, and the match type to specify exact match or an approximate match. In this article, I will show you how to use Excel to lookup for partial text match. INDEX-MATCH could be used to check whether the value in cell A1 matches a value in column B, then that formula could be copied down. If your array is a row, don't use the shortcut =INDEX(array,column_number) because that may not be compatible with other spreadsheet software. When you want to use logical conditions such as A > B or A < B in your lookup, a method I like is to use INDEX-MATCH and convert the lookup_range to a TRUE or FALSE expression like lookup_range
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