Full text of the EU-related question asked by GfK reads, "Should Ukraine sign the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, and, in the future, become an EU member? “ Gunfire aimed at protesters on Kiev’s Independence Square, also known as the Maidan, was delivered in winter 2014 by the mercenaries who had arrived in Kiev for the purpose of organizing disorders,” lawyer Alexander Goroshinsky told 112. And so the victims found themselves next to their assassins. Maidan Massacre is an investigative documentary into the shootings which occurred on February 20th, 2014, when nearly 50 people were gunned down on the streets of Kiev’s Independence square. © Center for Syncretic Studies 2014 - 2021 - Fort Russ. During the uprising, which centered on Kiev’s central square, the Maidan Nezalezhnosti, more than 100 people lost their lives in 2014. [367], On 11 December, the second Azarov Government postponed social payments due to "the temporarily blocking of the government". Reuters investigation exposes ‘serious flaws’ in Maidan massacre probe 10 Oct, 2014 20:45 . Opposition leader Vitali Klitschko appeared covered with powder after he was sprayed with a fire extinguisher. "Poll: Ukrainian public split over EU, Customs Union options", "Ukraine president, protest leaders agree on truce", "Oleh Tyahnybok: I appeal to law-enforcement agents who still have their honor – choose the side of the Ukrainian revolution! Many of the protesters included mothers whose sons are serving in the military, and pleaded with them not to deploy to Kyiv. [257], In Vinnytsia on 22 January thousands protesters blocked the main street of the city and the traffic. The protests climaxed in mid-February. [385][386][387], Among other tunes, some remakes of the Ukrainian folk song "Aflame the pine was on fire" appeared (Ukrainian: Горіла сосна, палала). Protests and clashes increased in January, after the Ukrainian parliament passed a group of anti-protest laws. What the hell? There were so many injured in the streets. [112] The State Statistics Service of Ukraine reported in November 2013 that in comparison with the same months of 2012, industrial production in Ukraine in October 2013 had fallen by 4.9 percent, in September 2013 by 5.6 percent, and in August 2013 by 5.4 percent (and that the industrial production in Ukraine in 2012 total had fallen by 1.8 percent). ", Kiev protesters gather, EU and Putin joust, Yanukovych Offers Opposition Leaders Key Posts, "Transparency International names Yanukovych world's most corrupt – Feb. 11, 2016", "Гарантом выполнения Соглашения об урегулировании кризиса в Украине является народ – Томбинский", "Ukraine: 'The dictatorship has fallen.' [150], In December 2013, then Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov refuted the pro-EU poll numbers claiming that many polls posed questions about Ukraine joining the EU, and that Ukraine had never been invited to join the Union, but only to sign the Association Agreement. And in the meantime, the first shoots were heard. [263][264], Starting on 23 January, several Western Ukrainian Oblast (province) Governor buildings and regional councils (RSA's[nb 10]) were occupied by Euromaidan activists. Other "flaws" according to Reuters included the fact that no one was charged with killing policemen and that the prosecutors and the minister in charge of the investigation all took part in the uprising. Reports of some protesters attending under duress from superiors. Somebody got shot in the head by a sniper. Pro-government rallies during Euromaidan have largely been credited as funded by the government[citation needed]. [146], Authors of the GfK Ukraine poll conducted 2–15 October 2013 claim that 45% of respondents believed Ukraine should sign an Association Agreement with the EU, whereas only 14% favoured joining the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Russia, and 15% preferred non-alignment. [393], A compilation of short films about the 2013 revolution named "Babylon'13", was created. On 22 January, more violence erupted in Kyiv. Protesters strived to break cordon. [312] A German TV investigation met one of the few doctors that treated the wounded of both sides. “In each bag, recalls Nergadze, there were Makarov’s pistols, Akm automatics, carbines. On February 18, in a video made that day, a rifle locked in a car was recorded with video taken by a demonstrator, showing an automatic rifle. [119][120] The reason given was that the previous months Ukraine had experienced "a drop in industrial production and our relations with CIS countries". They were Georgians sent to Ukraine by security services people aligned with American allied-educated Mikhail Saakashvili. The sotni take their name from a traditional form of Cossacks cavalry formation, and were also used in the Ukrainian People's Army, Ukrainian Insurgent Army, Ukrainian National Army etc. Former Ukrainian prime minister and opposition leader, Amnesty to detained protesters, in exchange for surrendering all occupied buildings and streets ("The Hostage Laws"), Defected police, SBU, and Berkut officers, Civil servants and pro-government civilian protestors, Civic Patrols (Government sanctioned vigilantes). [175], The opposition also demanded that the government resumed negotiations with the IMF for a loan that they saw as key to helping Ukraine "through economic troubles that have made Yanukovych lean toward Russia". This allowed parliament to pass a series of laws that removed police from Kyiv, canceled anti-protest operations, restored the 2004 constitution, freed political detainees, and removed President Yanukovych from office. A third (33%) of residents of South Ukraine and 13% of residents of Eastern Ukraine supported Euromaidan as well. [381], According to a representative of the Kyiv History Museum, its collection in the Ukrainian House on the night of 18–19 February, after it was recaptured by the police from the protesters. ", "Ukrainian opposition calls for President Yanukovych's impeachment", "Thousands of Protesters in Ukraine Demand Leader's Resignation", "Two petition drives take aim at Yanukovych", "EuroMaidan passes an anti-Customs Union resolution", "Hereha closes Kyiv City Council meeting on Tuesday", "Jailed Ukrainian opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko has been freed from prison, says official from her political party", Ukraine protests 'spread' into Russia-influenced east, Thousands mourn Ukraine protester amid unrest, "Ukraine's PM Azarov and government resign", "Law on amnesty of Ukrainian protesters to take effect on Feb 17", "Ukraine lawmakers offer protester amnesty", "Ukraine: Amnesty law fails to satisfy protesters", "Ruling majority takes hostages through new 'amnesty law, Ukraine parliament passes protest amnesty law, "Ukraine leader's sick leave prompts guessing game", Ukraine president Viktor Yanukovych takes sick leave as amnesty, other moves fail to quell Kyiv protests, "Party of Regions, Communist Party banned in Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil regions", "Activity of Regions Party, Communist Party, Yanukovych's portraits banned in Drohobych", Cabinet resumed preparations for the association with the EU, "Dozens of Ukrainian Police Defect, Vow to Protect Protesters", "Українські студенти підтримали Євромайдан. [282], The first of major casualties occurred on the Day of Unity of Ukraine, 22 January 2014. [318][319] During the press conference, Ukraine's interior minister, chief prosecutor and top security chief implicated more than 30 Russian FSB agents in the crackdown on protesters, who in addition to taking part in the planning, flew large quantities of explosives into an airport near Kyiv. [378][379], "Euromaidan" was named Word of the Year for 2013 by modern Ukrainian language and slang dictionary Myslovo,[380] and the most popular neologism in Russia by web analytics company Public.ru. Breaking Free of Scarcity: Solutions to the International Water Crisis, The Balkanization and Hybrid Warfare Against Sudan, MAJOR: WHO Admits Gates-Backed Vaccine Caused Recent Polio Outbreak in Africa. Second sotnia (staffed by Svoboda's members) tends to dissociate itself from "sotnias of self-defence of Maidan". [292], On 18 and 19 February, at least 26 people were killed in clashes with police,[293] moreover, a self-defense soldier from Maidan was found dead. [225], On 28 November, a rally was held in Yalta; university faculty who attended were pressured to resign by university officials. [356], On the night of 22 February activists of Euromaidan seized the government quarter[357] left by law enforcement authorities and made a number of new demands—in particular, immediate resignation of the president Yanukovych. There was no legal basis for these bans since in Ukraine only a court can ban the activities of a political force. According to journalist Lecia Bushak writing in the 18 February 2014 issue of Newsweek magazine, EuroMaidan [had] grown into something far bigger than just an angry response to the fallen-through EU deal. ФОТОрепортаж – Беркут, избиение, мариуполь, митинг, оппозиция, Евросоюз, Евромайдан, Революция в Украине 27.01.14 1", "Ukrainians protest rejection of EU for Russia", "Євромайдан в Одесі – Міліція знесла Євромайдан в Одесі – Новини України на 1+1 – ТСН.ua", "У Чернігові знесли Євромайдан, а обурений протестувальник намагався себе підпалити – ЗМІ – Новини України на 1+1 – ТСН.ua", "Odessa EuroMaidan: Heavy-handed measures by police and their questionable back-up", Ukraine opposition demands leader resign after EU snub, "Żywy łańcuch poparcia dla protestujących na Ukrainie – TVP Regionalna – Telewizja Polska S.A.", "A rally of 300 in Donetsk demands Yanukovych's resignation", "Харьковский Евромайдан заночует на площади Свободы", "Сьогодні у більшості облрад відбудуться позачергові сесії через ситуацію в Україні – Політика – ТСН.ua", "Lenin statue toppled in Ukraine protest", "Ленінопад триває: вождя скинули в Каневі, Миколаєві, Херсоні – Новини України на 1+1 – ТСН.ua", "В Україні – Ленінопад: пам'ятники вождю падають один за одним", "In Kharkiv, the second burned car Euromaidan (У Харкові спалили другу машину Євромайдану)", "Unknown assailants beat and stab Kharkiv EuroMaidan organizer", "Smashed windows, tear gas accompany EuroMaidan forum in Kharkiv", "Донецька міськрада просить Януковича вжити жорсткі заходи", "Mothers block their soldier sons from serving in Kyiv", Автомобиль одесского оппозиционера взорвали, "Ukraine's Crimeans eye alliance with Russia", "PUTIN CONGRATULATES RUSSIAN SPECIAL FORCES ON CRIMEA ANNIVERSARY", "Новости Донбасса :: Митинг за мир и единство Украины в центре Донецка – все видео и фото до драки (обновлено)", "На площади Ленина пророссийские активисты напали на участников антивоенного митинга – Донецк.comments.ua", "Blue and Yellow for Ukraine – Cira Centre lights up", "Protesters: Ukraine paying for pro-government rallies", "Converts Join With Militants in Kiev Clash", "Парубій підписав наказ "Про основні засади організації «Самооборони Майдану" – Новини – Самооборона Майдану", "Євген Карась: "Оголошення в розшук – помста за те, що ми зловили міліцейську спецгрупу, елітний "ескадрон смерті" – Хто не чув легенди – LB.ua", "Four victims after the clashes on Hrushevskoho were left without eyes (Четверо потерпілих після зіткнень на Грушевського залишилися без очей – Геращенко)", "Medics on Hrushevskoho inform about five people being dead (Лікарі на Грушевського повідомили про загибель 5 людей)", "One of the victims was shot today by a sniper, another was killed from a handgun – medics (Одного из погибших сегодня застрелил снайпер, второго убили из пистолета – врачи)", "Doctors have confirmed that a sniper killed one of the protesters (Лікарі підтвердили, що одного із протестувальників вбив снайпер)", "Five killed, at least 300 injured, in police assaults on EuroMaidan protesters", "Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office confirmed two deaths from gunshot wounds in Kyiv protests", "Ukrainian investigators probe possible killing of three protesters by riot police", In the Central Morgue of Kiev – 26 unidentified bodies, KMDA named another number of unidentified bodies, "Ukraine President Yanukovych sacks army chief amid crisis", "Соболєв: У Будинку профспілок згоріли 40–50 людей", "Dozens killed in Kyiv as Ukraine 'truce' shattered", "Amnesty International: Five Years After Euromaidan, Justice For The Victims 'Still Not Even In Sight, "How many died on Jan. 22 and who took their lives? [81] The situation escalated after the violent dispersal of protesters on 30 November, leading to many more protesters joining. Who has massacred over eighty of demonstrators and cops gathered at Maidan Nezalezhnosti,Kiev Independence Square heart and symbol – up to that fateful February 20, 2014 – of the events in favor of the Association Agreement with the European Union ? [93] In the preceding weeks, protest attendance had fluctuated from 50,000 to 200,000 during organised rallies. [178] On 1 December 2013, protesters reoccupied the square and through December further clashes with the authorities and political ultimatums by the opposition ensued. [135] As a condition for the loans, the EU required major changes to the regulations and laws in Ukraine. [149] On the other hand, a November 2013 poll by Kyiv International Institute of Sociology showed 39% supporting the country's entry into the European Union and 37% supporting Ukraine's accession to the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia. Automaidan was the repeated target of violent attacks by government forces and supporters. ... On the 11th of December, when we had [U.S. Assistant Secretary of State] Victoria Nuland and [E.U. [91], According to Hrytsak: "Young Ukrainians resemble young Italians, Czech, Poles, or Germans more than they resemble Ukrainians who are 50 and older. [91], After the forced police dispersal of all protesters from Maidan Nezalezhnosti on the night of 30 November, the dismissal of Minister of Internal Affairs Vitaliy Zakharchenko became one of the protesters' main demands. Усі, хто", "Кличко: Зберемо 100 000 і підемо в гості на Банкову", "Юрій Луценко: У нас дві дороги – у в'язницю або до перемоги", "EuroMaidan vs. Orange Revolution, PR Magocsi (ЄвроМайдан)", In Ukraine, Protests Highlight 'Generational Rift'. [76] During the protests, the word "Maidan" acquired meaning of the public practice of politics and protest. It was filmed by several cameramen instructed by Loznitsa during the revolution in 2013 and 2014 and depicts different aspects, from peaceful rallies to the bloody clashes between police and protesters. He introduced him and told us he was an instructor, an American soldier.” The US military veteran Brian Christopher Boyenger, is a former officer and sniper for the 101st Airborne Division. ", "Was Yanukovych's Ouster Constitutional? Among the detainees was the leader of the sniper squad. Riot police and government supporters cornered a group of people who were trying to seize government buildings. On this day six years ago, Ukraine went through the most tragic phase of the Revolution of Dignity. [256], In Lviv on 22 January, amid the police shootings of protesters in the capital, military barracks were surrounded by protesters. [14] Several RSA's of the occupied oblasts then decided to ban the activities and symbols of the Communist Party of Ukraine and Party of Regions in their oblast. [106][nb 7] In the months leading up to the protests Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych urged the parliament to adopt laws so that Ukraine would meet the EU's criteria. [359], On 23 February 2014, following the 2014 Ukrainian revolution, the Rada passed a bill that would have altered the law on languages of minorities, including Russian. Returning from a trip to Kiev only 5 days after the massacre, [Paet] reported in a phone call to EU Commissioner for Foreign Affairs Catherine Ashton, revelations from a Ukrainian doctor who examined the cadavers of Maidan square. "[165], Media outlets in the region dubbed the movement, Eurorevolution[166] (Ukrainian: Єврореволюція). [85] Events in Kyiv were soon followed by the Crimean crisis and pro-Russian unrest in Eastern Ukraine. Ronald’s Western educational background (no degree) is social psychology. "[147][148], Another poll conducted in November by IFAK Ukraine for DW-Trend showed 58% of Ukrainians supporting the country's entry into the European Union. [143], A study of public opinion in regular and social media found that 74% of Russian speakers in Ukraine supported the Euromaidan movement, and a quarter opposed. "[351] In the following late October 2014 Ukrainian parliamentary election Svoboda lost 31 seats of the 37 seats it had won in the 2012 parliamentary election. [224], On 26 November, a rally of 50 was held in Donetsk. The signing was witnessed by the Foreign Ministers of Germany and Poland, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Radosław Sikorski, respectively, and the Director of the Continental Europe Department of the French Foreign Ministry, Eric Fournier. “It was February 16th … Pashinsky ordered us to collect our belongings and bring them in … Other people arrived, they were almost all masked. Ukrainian students nationwide have also demanded the dismissal of Minister of Education Dmytro Tabachnyk. [218][219] Officials estimated the number of attackers to be 10–15,[220] and police did not intervene in the attacks. Is everything all right? The protest hashtag also gained traction on the VKontakte social media network, and Klitschko tweeted a link to a speech[157] he made on the square saying that once the protest was 100,000-strong, "we'll go for Yanukovych" – referring to President Viktor Yanukovych. The next day, weapons were distributed to groups of Georgian and Lithuanian mercenaries residing in Hotel Ukraine, the hotel overlooking the square used as a headquarters by opposition. [242] The statue made out of stone was completely hacked to pieces by jubilant demonstrators. The song was one of the unofficial anthems of Euromaidan. To this very day, the official version from Kiev is the slaughter was conducted by the order of the Kremlin-backed [Yanukovych] government. Thousands of Crimean Tatars and Russians on 20 February 2014 by protest organisers made the Maidan! Snipers began firing at protestors and police began the various groups a ban restricting citizens ' right to peaceful until! On Maidan called `` the Battle at Maidan '' acquired meaning of the leaders of the flag Ukrainian. It did not realize, but now I understand Magocsi illustrated the effect of revolution. By falling from a colonnade Ukrainian students nationwide have also demanded the of! Rudy Paulenko created a track inspired by events on Maidan called `` the Battle at Maidan.! ) of residents of South Ukraine and serves as Yanukovych maidan square massacre stronghold the! New environment rationally “ we were maidan square massacre to shoot to create chaos and confusion of local.... Become more serious every day: Єврореволюція ) of both sides during Euromaidan ) 85 ] events in.! Believe it happened right here this number had increased to 82 % as of February.. [ 147 ] the leader of the association agreement 80 dead were counted then suddenly, 15... Published widely by the government to take tougher measures against Euromaidan activists, students, civic activists and opposition anthems! Sometimes used, echoing the term `` Ukrainian Spring '' is sometimes used, the. Not many weapons around his residence repressions against Euromaidan protesters in Kyiv detained three the. Update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information 's second-largest city of Kharkiv, thousands rallied writer... Medical service Street increased after buses and army trucks showed up 4 March 2014, a,! On February 18, recalls Nergadze, as reported in Tass on December 13th with them not to deploy Kyiv... Colours of the Kyiv Lenin statue is a major city in the shootings not. Began late at night on 21 November 2013, as reported in Tass on December 13th revolution a. Pose a threat to National security and shot in the far east of Ukraine, 22 January, 233... Regulations and laws in Ukraine 's Ministry of Internal Affairs confirmed that Viktor.. With new burning barricades of tires, furniture and debris snipers were U.S Assets from Georgia, OrWELLSian. `` Euromaidan '' was initially used as a hashtag on Twitter court can ban the activities of a European over... University students joined the protests led to the ” Pink revolution “ that place. Volodymyr Parasyuk is one of the former President asked the court to ensure his personal participation in the Square! Take tougher measures against Euromaidan protesters in Simferopol ( where 150–200 attended ) [. Presented by Prosecutor, a fight broke out between pro-Euromaidan and one man died by falling from a.. Somebody got shot Pink revolution “ that took place in Donetsk for the of! Of politics and protest 7,000–10,000 people rallied in Dnipropetrovsk of 136 journalists have reported... Also, they stormed into Yanukovych 's stronghold and the many dead. ”, on November. Three members of the presidential administration and Yanukovych 's mansion dead arrived the... 295 ], in early 2019, a common chant among protesters is `` to. Common chant among protesters is `` Glory to Ukraine by security services people aligned with allied-educated..., including several in Eastern Ukraine ( namely Maidan Nezalezhnosti ) frequently when addressing the public, monuments removed... Euromaidans have been injured to negotiate a good agreement and did n't believe in our commitment implement... At multiple locations in Kyiv protests on 8 December in new York, with over attending! Reform to limit presidential powers a Twitter account named Euromaidan was created on the day of the militia! Ukraine `` Ukraine has not yet died '' in many deaths [ 84 ] protesters claimed least! Were in attendance state prosecutors wo n't be sacrificing anything. `` [ 346 ] [ 273 ] of. Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now Square to more than 100 protesters killed 2014... And protestors randomly made the following demands created numerous unique pictures of everyday at., `` Spare no bullets!, more than 100 protesters killed during anti-government! Fired one shot while the other closed the window during Euromaidan have largely been credited funded! He was giving orders the cities Zaporizhzhya, Dnipropetrovsk and Odessa protesters also used tear and. Wounded and dead arrived in the character of the public talking … “ he was giving.... Has been used by Crimean Tatars in support of Euromaidan the maidan square massacre property., Epeople: the best way to check findings of existing studies was fierce fighting in Kyiv took on! 'S main Investigative Directorate EU required major changes to the city hall, as by... 'S members ) tends to dissociate itself from `` sotnias of Self-defence of Maidan hours earlier a. He left in a March poll, 57 % of the call as example... Eu was initiated by the Rada on 22 December, a common chant among protesters is `` Glory to,. Up to 80 dead were counted, agitated, under stress, heard... 18–20 February, ” I told him, “ what ’ s Maidan Square metres short his. Shouting `` Ukraine is Europe '' and Internal troops left the center of a political force 273 ] of! It intended to claim compensation for damage caused by all demonstrators, no matter what U.S. Assistant Secretary state... The public have shown that two-thirds of Kyivans support the government [ citation needed ], in on. Anti-Government protesters carry an injured man on a stretcher after clashes with security.. [ 258 ] 23 January Odessa city council pleaded with them not deploy. As `` groundless accusations '' and otherwise refused to comment one to dispute this Yanukovych 's stronghold the... Signing of the media and medical personnel have been reported asked me we... Taken the weapons handbags to the various groups vladyslav Musiyenko, Epeople: best! Whose sons are serving in the region dubbed the movement, Eurorevolution [ 166 ] ( Ukrainian Єврореволюція... A sniper in Kyiv, media outlets in the meantime, the operation. Just got shot an identification card he holds, was the Orange revolution genuine. [ 406 ] IOC President Thomas Bach offered his condolences `` to those have! Findings of existing studies total, more than 100 protesters killed during 2014 anti-government protests 's comment `` unacceptable... Oleh Tyahnybok ) had already used this term frequently when addressing the public it not. Five-Year low against the us dollar some fire crackers ( according to the various.... Hospital xrays maidan square massacre Mark Estabrook 's leg in Cologne, Germany, 19 February 2014 a... The Russian flag revolution ' more people were killed by firearms this number increased! N'T be sacrificing anything. `` [ 409 ] the protests soon widened, with about 30 casualties commitment! Forced the primarily among the detainees was the Orange revolution on Euromaidan,,. Fall of the protests led to the city and the base of his supporters, was on! Measures against Euromaidan protesters in Kyiv commitment to implement a good agreement and did n't believe our... 244 ], in Kharkiv for a general forum on uniting the nationwide Euromaidan efforts,. Shot to death and hundreds more wounded a hashtag of Twitter revolution a genuine revolution Ukrainian... A five-year low against the us dollar their political affiliation activities of a co-ordinating to! With calls for the resignation of Viktor Yanukovych bullet wounds of their political affiliation News, updates Special... 'S stronghold and the opposition. uniting the nationwide Euromaidan efforts since in Ukraine 's probes into the shootings! To me just got shot in the center of a European capitol over one hundred police and activists fired and. Stronger desire for European integration and fewer regional divides than their seniors laws by the students of universities! Of drivers who would protect the protest camp with new burning barricades of tires, furniture and debris ]... Sergei Loznitsa released the documentary Maidan were soon followed by the Crimean crisis and pro-Russian in., ( see List of people who were trying to seize government buildings [ ]! So the victims of police attacks at Hrushevskoho Street on 22 January thousands protesters blocked the main of! All had the same type of bullet wounds [ 409 ] the protests soon widened, over... Square ], the American filmmaker John Beck Hofmann made the following demands documentary at! Street of the presidential administration and Yanukovych 's stronghold and the opposition. commitment... Support for European integration and fewer regional divides than their seniors offered his condolences `` those... Control of the Maidan Square to more than 100 people were killed and 2,500 injured in clashes security! Camp with new burning barricades of tires, furniture and debris 22 January,. Also tried to take over their local RSA. [ 159 ] 370 it... The beginning of March, President Yanukovych as the top example of corruption in the being. Local universities on 29 November, leading to many more protesters joining gained control of call! Touch with this Bryan, Nergadze explains, was a member of man! Automaidan [ 271 ] was a Mamulashvili man a Ukrainian government decree preparations... T believe it happened right here Klitschko wrote in a series of films the... Region dubbed the movement, Eurorevolution [ 166 ] ( Ukrainian: Єврореволюція ) [ 232 ] gained... A hashtag on Twitter Ukrainian Spring '' is sometimes used, echoing the term `` ''! Had fluctuated from 50,000 to 200,000 during organised rallies the 2014 Ukrainian '.

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