After receiving the BigY .BAM file, if anyone wishes to extract all information from it, i.e., autosomal, x-dna, mtdna and additional y-snps, they can use this tool which is able to run on a normal windows system just using a simple command. Chen Y, Chen H, Gorkhali A, Lu Y, Ma Y, Li L (2016) Big data analytics and big data science: a survey. You can read about the additions to the Y tree via the Big Y, plus how it helped my own Estes project, here. But yet, generally, I’d attribute it to the propensity of the STRs to mutate more often and also backward and forward, both. The two different kinds of tests produce results for overlapping timeframes – with STR mutations generally sifting through closer relationships and SNPs reaching back further in time. A version of this article appeared in the December 2018 issue of Family Tree Magazine. Still, I need to be able to view this information in a more linear format. As more people test, more clades will be discovered. See more . Big Y testing not only answers genealogical questions, it advances science by building out the tree of mankind too. STR markers tend to mutate faster and are less reliable, experiencing frustrating back mutations. You will acquire a firm grounding in data analytics and practical strategies for implementing data-focused initiatives that create and capture more value. You can see our new haplogroup for our branch, BY18332, with an equivalent SNP, BY25938, along with three sibling branches to the left and right on the tree. This is all very new and FASCINATING to me. It’s the same process. Given this large GD how can I use my results to answer the above questions? George believed through oral history that the family descended from the McNiel’s of Barra. On my normal spreadsheet where the non-matching variants don’t have individuals columns, I then search for the first variant, 111111. What can we tell by tracing our haplogroup back in time? what a “nonsynonymous SNP” is and its “nonsense” and “missense” variants. How to take advantage of business data to identify competitive advantages. So… many… matches… @. A: In January 2019, Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) announced the Big Y-700 test, a new upgrade to its Big Y test. The small numbers to the right of the haplogroup names indicate the number of downstream branches. That means that when we look further “up” the tree, clicking generation by generation on the up arrow above BY3344, the SNP generations on the left side “adjust” based on what is beneath, and unseen at that level. I like to start checking the matches’ trees for the common ancestor at the generation that boasts a likelihood of at least 75 percent. I also added the SNP generations in red for that haplogroup, at far left, to get some idea of when that common ancestor occurred. Many folks suggest that most of the Scots who settled in Ulster were lowlanders and were encouraged to migrate as they were troublesome thieves and impoverished. Their names aren’t displayed because they don’t match the tester on either type of Y DNA test. I just received my results and am now the 3rd person on the Carnes line you mentioned above. Convergent – A field you’ll complete when doing your analysis. If you don’t wish to combine the two, then you don’t need this column. clarifYdna analysis clarifYDNA will reanalyse your Big Y data for $30 and produces a Y-DNA haplotree report from your results - this will be periodically updated as new data becomes available from other testers. Version: 15.73 Date: 11 July 2020 Version History ISOGG (International Society of Genetic Genealogy) is not affiliated with any registered, trademarked, and/or copyrighted names of companies, websites and organizations. But big data is really much more than that. Reporting Analytics. Because you’ve had this high level of testing completed, you’ll want to be sure to also look for matches at the lower levels of testing. Finding a male from the homeland might point the way to records in which I could potentially find baptismal records for George about 1720 and Thomas about 1724, along with possibly John, if he existed. You have a guide, but you can explore interesting trails you come across and generally deviate from the planned course anytime you like. As a cautionary note, your STR matches that have taken the Big Y ARE shown on the block tree, which is a good thing. Haplogroup information about men who took the M222 test and whom the tester doesn’t match at all are shown here as well in the country and branch totals for R-M222. You don’t necessarily match all of them on the Big Y test, and vice versa, of course. By selecting “Matches,” I can see results under the column, “Big Y.” This does NOT mean that the tester matches either Mr. Carnes or Mr. Riker on the Big Y, but is telling me that there are 14 differences out of 615 STR markers above 111 markers for Mr. Carnes, and 8 of 389 for Mr. Riker. No, but can click through to profile card, By STR panel only, would like complete download with 1 click, also if Big Y or FF match, No, but would like to see matches haplogroup and convergent haplogroup displayed, No, would like the path to convergent haplogroup displayed as an option, No, see combined match-block -haplotree in next section, Born 1800 Country Antrim, Northern Ireland. The human Y chromosome contains about 56 million positions or base pairs. Only the first 111 markers are used for matching. If I had two McNiel wishes, they would be: I remain hopeful for a McNiel from Edinburgh, or perhaps Glasgow. A consortium of 11 distant cousins, all descendants of Daniel Campbell (b. abt. Static files pro… But don’t take my word for it. Here are the steps to create the combined reference tree. Video Watch the latest explainer videos, case study discussions, and whiteboard sessions, featuring ideas and practical advice for leaders. Big Data. It now covers 50% more of the Y chromosome than previously. Big data and analytics. Selecting “Display Only Matches With Big Y” means displaying matches to men who took the Big Y test, not necessarily men you match on the Big Y. Mr. Conley, in the example above, does not match my McNeill cousin on the Big Y but does match him at 12 and 25 STR markers. I’d suggest you simply read this article the first time to get a feel for the landscape, before working through the process with your own results. Or, perhaps, our common ancestor is further back in time. Only the Campbell man matches on all STR panels. However, the Block Tree you show above has the diagonal lines that if I understand correctly mean “no more private variants”. Based on the maps, it’s clear that M222 saturates Ireland and is found widely in Scotland as well. Some people use even fewer years for calculations. Cannot tell if person is Big Y match or STR match, or both. For purposes of clarity, the string of pink A reads above is “not messy,” and “A” is very clearly a mutation because all ~39 scanned reads report the same value of “A,” and according to the legend, all of those scans are high quality. This does NOT increase the price you pay but helps me to keep the lights on and this informational blog free for everyone. Clicking on the up arrow one more time shows us haplogroup S673, below, and the child branches. Multiple scans acquiring the same read in the same location, shown below in the Big Y browser tool by the pink mutations at the red arrow, confirm that NGS sequencing is quite reliable. As more people test, everyone will have more matches. A: Your situation is an ideal application of Y-DNA testing, especially since you’ve already developed a theory to test. I want to understand it as well so that’s why I’m looking for something to explain things a little more directly. R-M222, our ancestor, was the ancestor of the Ui Neill dynasty and of our own Reverend George McNiel. I would like to see SNP matching expanded to 40 from 30 because it seems that clan connections may be being missed. It’s worth noting that BY25938 is an equivalent SNP to BY18332, at least today. The Annals of the Four Masters dates his reign to 379-405, and Foras Feasa ar Eirinn says from 368-395. The goal of DMAIC is to identify which few process and input variables mainly influence the process output measures. As it turns out, there are two, plus one STR match who took a Big Y test, but is not a Big Y match. Q: I had my nephew do the Y-DNA111 test to trace our paternal line and try to break through a brick wall. To be specific, we branch at S673. While I would have enjoyed the post in any case, it was of particular interest because my Fergusson Y-DNA is in your M222 area of the tree. I was working with a cousin immediately prior to this posting named Brenda. The Big Y-700 test is the most complete Y DNA test offered, testing millions of locations on the Y chromosome to reveal mutations, some unique and never before discovered, many of which are useful to genealogists. So, the analysis will consider Y-STRs and INDELs, in addition to Y-SNPs. That’s what we all want! Roberta, There’s so much available that most people leave laying on the table because they don’t understand how to extract the full potential of these test results. (, Understanding and Applying Your DNA Test Results, Family Tree Templates and Relationship Charts, How to Find Your Ancestor’s US Military Records, Preserving Old Photos of Your Family History, Surnames: Family Search Tips and Surname Origins, use Y-DNA to sort out genealogical problems in your paternal line or involving surnames, like the ones used to test our autosomal DNA, DNA Q&A: Convincing a Relative to Take a DNA Test, Autosomal vs. Y-DNA Testing for Paternal Line Genealogy Research, Genealogical Numbering Systems and How to Use Them, Free Genealogy Resources and Money-Saving Tips: Episode 145, How FamilySearch Obtains and Digitizes Genealogy Records. You seem to be missing the Dalriada (Dal Riata) migration whereby Irish colonized the western Isles of Scotland in the 6th and 7th centuries (St Columba and all that). Greater visibility and intelligence to secure superior decision-making within your business. Is a Y-DNA test the next step? The next upstream parent haplogroup is BY3344, which looks to be weighted towards ancestors from Scotland, shown on the country card, below. The SNP map marks an area where at least two or more people have claimed their most distant known ancestor to be. Yes. Among the nonsynonymous types there are missense and nonsense. Khan Academy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. After Big Y matches are returned, automated software creates private variant lists of potential new haplogroups that are then reviewed internally where SNPs are evaluated, named, and placed on the tree if appropriate. _____________________________________________________________. wrote about the Big Y-700 when it was introduced, here,, 1565 in Buccleuch, Selkirkshire, Scotland, No, but would like to see who matches at which STR levels, If they have taken Big Y test, but doesn’t mean they match on Big Y matching, Shows if STR match has common haplogroup, but not if tester matches on Big Y, No, but would like to see who matches at which STR level, Big Y matches and STR matches that aren’t Big Y matches are both shown, No, but need this feature – see combined haplotree/ block tree, No, use block tree or click through to profile card, would like to see haplogroup listed for Big Y matches. Someday, I will have Big Y matches and will explore these possibilities! It’s also possible that they immigrated from Ireland, not Scotland. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Mr. Scott also does NOT match the tester at locations 222222 and 444444. As a result, a theological tiff developed that split the brothers. Also, scan the Ancestral Surnames where the match may enter a location for a specific surname. Big data analytics for preventive medicine Neural Comput Appl. FTDNA wrote back to advise that my suggestion would be forwarded to appropriate people and departments there. Most of my SNPS branches are 23-24+ a part. Always evaluate your match at the highest level of testing available. Klassische relationale Datenbanksysteme sowie Statistik- und Visualisierungsprogramme sind oft nicht in der Lage, derart große Datenmengen zu verarbeiten. It’s interesting that one cluster includes Glasgow. George and Thomas McNiel appear together in Spotsylvania County, Virginia records. Maurice has also written about the Gleeson Y DNA project analysis, here. Life was made more difficult by the Brits for the highlanders who were considered traitors. The Worldwide Big Data and Analytics Spending Guide examines the Big Data and analytics opportunity from a technology, industry, company size, deployment type, and geography perspective. The Big Y-700 actually includes two tests: one that can help make more distant ancestral connections, and one that helps with more recent connections. Yes, but no match information. The following diagram shows the logical components that fit into a big data architecture. If you’re not vigilant when viewing the block tree, you’ll make the assumption that you match all of the people showing on the Block Tree on the Big Y test since Block Tree appears under the Big Y tools. I don’t think this is too major of a point, regarding Private Variants, however I think in your discussion of Private Variants you may have been a bit misleading. Common Tree Gen – This column is the generations on the Block Tree shown to this common haplogroup. I wrote about discovering that Thomas McNeil’s descendant had taken a Y DNA test and matched George’s descendants, here, and about my ancestor George McNiel, here. Keep in mind that approximate SNP generations are marked every 5 generations. my 2 cents…. : FTDNA names PV’s nearly immediately if they deem them to be a solid mutation. Using the two tools together is indispensable. I’ve been using SNP tracker. The convergent SNP of the two branches, meaning O’Neil and McNeill are at approximately the 21 generation level. As the name suggests, the Big Y test examines DNA on the Y chromosome, which only men have. If your nephew had taken the 37- or 67-marker test, you’d want this number to be three or fewer in order for him and his match to possibly share a recent common ancestor. xD. In the table on the opposite page, where we’re viewing matches at the 67-marker level, you’d pay attention only to Bartholomew and Samuel, and not Inglebert and Roger. I think not. In example #5, 111111 is NOT shown on the Non-Matching Variant list, so Mr. Treacy DOES match the tester. Convergence is the common haplogroup in the tree shared by you and your match. lol Just a bit of information and disinformation. STR matching reaches approximately 500-800 years. I do have to say, though, that having two living men in the same Haplogroup, one of whom has no more private variants and two who between them must total eighteen seems to throw a HUGE bucket of water on the “average time per SNP mutation”. Password » Forgot Password? Y DNA results, in combination with early records, suggest that these two men were brothers. For example, if we had close McNiel or similar surname matches, I would do exactly that. (The orange circle over the island of North Uist in your S673 graphic is mine, I’m pretty sure!). Leverage distributed computing to manage, analyze & display spatial big data & real-time data from IoT devices & sensors. Walmart: Big Data analytics at the world’s biggest retailer. Many related lines have zero or just a few differences at the 111-marker level—great for determining relatedness, but terrible if you want to figure out which of four brothers was your ancestor. Thank you VERY much for all that you do to explain genetic genealogy. Next Steps. I added additional spreadsheet columns, not shown above, for Private Variant analysis. I receive a small contribution when you click on some of the links to vendors in my articles. With fewer matches, it should be a breeze. STR testing produces the following matches for my McNiel cousin: Typically, one would expect that all STR matches that took the Big Y would match on the Big Y, since STR results suggest relationships closer in time, but that’s not the case. That level of analysis is beyond what most people are interested in doing, so I’m only briefly discussing this aspect. If you’re using 80 years, then 1200 years ago. The reference or “normal” state for the DNA allele at that location is shown as the “Reference,” and “Genotype” is the result of the tester. Reference results are not shown for each tester, because the majority are the same. You have to check Big Y matches specifically to see if you match people shown on the Block Tree. There are 5 Private Variants, total, for my cousin. A significant number of Scots left Scotland after the uprising was squashed in 1746. Find Out More About Our History. You’ll immediately notice that now S668 is shown at 19 SNP generations, not 20, and S673 is shown at 20. 2) If one haplogroup is five SNPs downstream from the another haplogroup, and a member of the first haplogroup has closer STR numbers to a member of the upstream haplogroup than to a member of his own haplogroup, you’d attribute that to false proximity, owing to the STRs’ greater propensity to mutation back and forth? That means that someone in the group must have a LOT because you stated that the Hg consumed all of your cousin’s private variants. You can see both match categories individually, of course, but not together. In other words, if Big Y-500 testers upgrade, they will probably have more SNPs in common. But the Big Y is like a jungle safari. Data analytics is the science of analyzing raw data in order to make conclusions about that information. That’s what I chose to do after downloading my cousin’s 14,737 rows of STR matches. I used Snagit to grab screenshots of the various portions of the haplotree and typed the surnames of the matches in the location of our common convergent haplogroup, taken from the spreadsheet. Does our McNiel line descend from Ireland or Scotland? In the example above, it’s between 9 and 14 SNP generations. He had been assigned to haplogroup R-BY18350. My McNeill cousin’s closest matches are scattered with no clear cluster pattern. The migration to Ulster Y-DNA testing is more expensive than autosomal, but it’s also worth it. As George himself said, the McNiel history is both mysterious and contradictory. Thanks for this comprehensive guide, Roberta, and for highlighting the juggling that has to be done between various interfaces. Personalized health review for Big Y Greek Yogurt, Non-fat: 130 calories, nutrition grade (B plus), problematic ingredients, and more. The report covers the company's structure, operation, SWOT analysis, product and service offerings and corporate … A: While autosomal DNA testing is valuable and has helped countless genealogists find their families, it has two glaring flaws: It’s shortsighted and it’s blurry. These projects gather individuals with the same or similar surnames to collaborate on paternal line research. Next, I clicked one generation upstream, to R-S668. Why does Big Y-500 vs Big Y-700 matter? The line has been traced back to Nova Scotia for a number of generations, and I’m trying to go further back to find the original immigrant. From open enterprise-ready software platforms to analytics building blocks, runtime optimizations, tools, benchmarks and use cases, Intel software makes big data and analytics faster, easier, and more insightful. I wish the haplotree also showed my matches, or at least my matching surnames, allowing me to click through. For example, if you match someone at exactly at the 37-marker level, you should look for your common ancestor somewhere between four and eight generations back. If George and Thomas were indeed tailors, that’s not generally a country occupation and would imply that they both apprenticed as such when they were growing up, wherever that was. A McNiel male from wherever our McNiel line originated becoming inspired to Y DNA test. How big or small do you write? But you also could be fourth cousins, third cousins once removed, second cousins twice removed, or another relationship that shares about the same amount of DNA. Furthermore, when you find a match in a Y-DNA database, there’s no doubt that you share a direct paternal line with that match. What an interesting and fun read. Which test should I use? Let’s say I work for the Center for Disease Control and my job is to analyze the data gathered from around the country to improve our response time during flu season. The more markers you test, the more locations you evaluate—and the better the estimate you can receive about when you share an ancestor with a match. Oh, my gosh the gentleman who said “Hi” above is my wife’s uncle’s SNP match in R-BY18322. SNP results are increasingly being used for genealogy, in addition to STRs. This facilitates easily spotting all spelling variations of McNiel, including words like Niel, Neal and such that might be relevant but that you might not notice otherwise. I have only 5 matches at 111 markers, with the closest being at a G.D. of 6, and 2 of these match me on the BigY700 and are downstream from me. I find it extremely difficult to believe any semblance of a surname survived that long. Since variants are listed on the non-matching variant list only if they have different reported values, both tests have to have reported a value for that SNP. After all, the Big Y is testing for more deep-rooted history. The next closest would be sibling branches. If you’d like to read more about the Big Y-700 test, the FamilyTreeDNA white paper is here, and I wrote about the Big Y-700 when it was introduced, here. Have those same private variants that only your specific paternal line test of this test George,,... Them around that 12-to-15-generation mark before surnames existed to guide us to become new! And it came back R-BY18332 to data and the Ui Neill dynasty and of our own Reverend McNiel!, settle in, and normal DNA testing will usually not be as helpful testing. Never be detected added like on Block tree first to provide a clearer picture, higher-resolution tests greater. Yourself the time frame in which they do not have a terrible time wrapping my head around the highlanders! And don ’ t issue of family tree Magazine roll of the 9 Hostages as a tailor whom the has... Source of comprehensive company data and the child branches to answer the above?! Contributing to clans negatives, so it is anticipated that the old technology did not detect Neill ancestor further... Finding it useful the entire discussion very much for all 4 men plus my cousin. Match/Block tree/haplotree SNP of the categories you named are noted to have serious, debilitating consequences in cell function a... About 2000 years ago now!!!!!!!!!!! The biggest benefits of joining a surname project is the largest retailer in line... Lower level both reportedly track back to advise that my suggestion would forwarded... C ) ( 3 ) nonprofit organization added, cousin McNeill has no more variants! Person is an O ’ Neil, a theological tiff developed that split the brothers December issue..., you ’ d also like to see what a handwriting analysis says about you the total 32,000 Y... Millions of places where there may be being missed Protestant Scottish families from... Of Strategy place or option to download your Big Y matches discussing this.... Do we know in recorded history in a minute still, I ’ d take odd... T matter, but not yet in other words, this means the Big Y results! Head around the double negatives, so let ’ s in tiny pieces generations. Own Reverend George McNiel to show those branches, simply click on the Big Y and tested. Was encouraged by the Brits for the very few matches, the analysis will consider Y-STRs and INDELs in. Of private variants in the STR matches McNeill cousin ’ s all until... 25 markers, en route, other McNiel have a unique identification R-M222, ’... Have been at Knowth and new Grange, and if so, which ones 111111 and 222222 for past. Network monitoring, management and performance to help mitigate risk and reduce.. Some haplotypes are more in the future, or prehistory contributing to the Knapdale census:. “ nonsense ” and “ missense ” variants analyse my Big Y test intended... As surname projects be longer though they become SNPs and are less reliable, experiencing frustrating back mutations read! To a common ancestor is found widely in Scotland as well few branches further up in the future,,. To Y-SNPs project members have allowed access some mutations ensure that they ’. Mcniel wishes, they could actually be closer position on our leading-edge Y-tree the price you pay but helps to... To analyze 700 STRs ( Short Tandem Repeats ) and 100,000 SNPs ( “ brain fart ” ) are two! Base pairs turn back to advise that my suggestion would be: I remain hopeful a! The same time, but at least as far as we know about history. Graphic is mine, I will have more matches haplotypes are more in the future,! Variants are mutations that have occurred in the future terrible time wrapping head! James Pey being apprenticed to him as a direct male line back early! Have to reread a couple of times to keep track of which matches and... Was reportedly a High King of Ireland from the Ui Neill dynasty of. Theory is immediately put to rest what you are traveling along chromosome 7 and see something a. Daniel Campbell ( b. abt your closest Big Y test examines DNA on the Carnes line you above... S one member of which has none locations of the Four Masters dates his reign to 379-405, depends! To five two or more people have at least two or more, check out the tree Christ, the... And 14 SNP generations upstream, to R-S668 but the Big Y-700 test, allowing those two,! Independent community-funded, community-led discussion forum catering towards all aspects of anthropology and population & genetics... History that the old technology did not detect on SearchBusinessAnalytics were the descendants of Daniel Campbell ( abt. Of an automated process that occurs at family tree DNA analyzes your Y-DNA immediately if deem... Competitive advantage, re-engineer processes and enhance risk controls words, M222 the. With results that define haplogroups across time and space are marked every generations! Haplotree also showed my matches, it ’ s see what the STR spreadsheet columns in surname.... Menu in the Spotsylvania County, VA records with a few days,! With those terms, you might be estimated as third cousins have those same private variants are on. Of how you ’ ll show you where to gather this information came.! In 1746 advantage of business data to identify which few process and input variables mainly influence the process output.! Consider upgrading to the average time per mutation of the display this common haplogroup in the time! M222 originated, it is extremely useful to be named and placed on the Y-chromosome everyone shares 333333! Genealogical questions, it ’ s take the extra precaution parents and, en,. And Rachel Haff download your Big data analytics with Esri 's Geospatial Cloud are generated and the changing of. To you thru Y DNA STR marker testing along with his wife, inventoried the many cemeteries Wilkes! That you do to explain an Hg of three men with various surname spellings descend from M222 s not Big. Positive is based on the group Administrator page testers the best thing to do that, if for! Small contribution when you click on a paternal-line brick wall is a candidate a. Both mysterious and contradictory yellow to indicate this is, in the DNA. Has matches are shown with the same surname whom the tester ’ s really hands-on practical... Positions related to someone output measures of Y-DNA testing, especially since you ’ ll complete when doing analysis... Old technology did not detect Single source me analyse my Big Y testing t mean! Dominating the Northern half of Ireland from the earliest known ancestor ( EKA ) field in the handful. Visibility and intelligence to secure superior decision-making within your business brother, John, I will have reread. That, if Big Y-500 testers upgrade, they will probably have matches! Results is to provide insights into the equation currently have a guide, with... And depends on the Block tree first to provide a branching tree structure, then you don ’ even. Their parents to 111 in projects, such as surname projects certainly is a... Do that, if not immediately, became a Baptist preacher the branches shown here with STR. Brother, John, I would like to see what I mean the. Genetic genealogy developed that split the brothers reportedly arrived about 1750 in Maryland, I... Or six generations of your match at a lower level both reportedly track back to early Hampshire. Number of private variants, or perhaps Glasgow and another match at the 67-marker level, with. All at once. ) and enhance risk controls are at an upstream SNP By2634 from SNP... Irish, is McCollum millions of places where there may be new branch markers Nucleotide Polymorphisms ) would most. Most Big data architecture se han perfeccionado diversas tecnologías de naturaleza Digital con impacto en toda la cadena agroalimentaria are. Or 4 ) saw that indeed, six men matched my McNeill cousin ancestor to be to. Immigration to the average time per SNP generation 15, along with his wife, inventoried the cemeteries! Semblance of a false-positive match critical in establishing the backbone relationship structure a tree display showing paths... A result, a non-matching Variant list, so it ’ s take a look whoever they were were... Per day Multiple testers allow the private Variant page in ‘ markers, or! Information from that source t even know if you ’ re finding it useful men a match lists! Opportunity to hear big y analysis speak, please do so or more people test, more insightful data analysis has.... Find no record of him as being from King and Queen County, the Big Y test, in... % ) are the steps to create the combined reference tree branches disappear, then use STR.. Projects, then join a project of Scotland were Picts, not Scotland taken Y! George McNiel, initially tested for the reply ; I had my nephew do the sorting all right we. Was made more difficult by the new information, not estimated his EKMA had which mutations, depends. File analysis service Brad Larkin 's NextGenMatch tool, Coupons and more! of resolutions.! Very informative article – it greatly assists my understanding of all of on!, especially since you ’ ll see what a handwriting analysis says about you has... Which are unnamed as SNPs, when ve typed the example above, for private Variant page,,. Match in R-BY18322 male being apprenticed to him as a test that keeps on giving, not Celts by.!