indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding Passenger lists dating between: 1845-1886 record emigrants selected by the Colonization Commissioners London, whose passage were paid for out of the Emigration Fund. City of Adelaide Clipper. Down the Gulf at half speed wetted the steamer's decks considerably; but soon after passing the Craigendarroch at anchor the sea became positively ugly, as heavy rollers from the westward showed that the beach boats would be of little service in such a sea. On July 26 crossed the prime meridian in 44° south lat. Although the vessel may be safe in moderate weather, it is hard to say how she would fare if it should be as tempestuous as it has been known. and M. Kohli, Passengers—Mr. For P. Cumming and Son — 15 cases. Of single men there were 26, all healthy looking persons, who ought, from appearances, to make good colonists. Friday morning. Suddenly the land was perceived in such proximity that there was no alternative but to anchor. Their son, George Seaborne Wilcox was born at sea, 30 Jan 1873, on that passage. Edwards, Wm., 33; Sophia, 20; document.write("slist@g"); The stranded ship City of Adelaide was favored by a good tide on Friday morning:, September 4, and the tugs being ready she come off the bank before high water, and was at once towed to Port Adelaide, where she was moored alongside the Company's 'Wharf. Passengers— Mr. and Mrs. Sison, Mrs. Bartlett. The lead, which was constantly going, showed she was approaching the eastern shore, and every possible exertion was made to get commanding sail on. Lieutenant and Mrs. Mackenzie, nurse, and child, Miss Inman, Mrs. Rogers, Mr. Millard, Miss Nash, Dr. Campbell, Mrs. Campbell, and two Misses Campbells, Mr. [sic] G. Wilcox and four children, Mr. Jas. Per City Of Adelaide, from London However, the single men had a good compartment forwards, while the married couples were berthed on the starboard side of the main hatchway. In 1874 the family returned to South Australia with father George aboard a P&O Mail vessel and mother Annie and the four children once more aboard the City of Adelaide .... a family account can be found at the link, just below. On the present voyage she left London on May 29, under the charge of Captain Bowen, with a large number of assisted immigrants, besides cabin passengers, whose names appear below:— 791 tons, Captain Llewellyn Bowen, from London 29th May, Plymouth 6th June, 1874 wife is indicated, The City of Adelaide was initially a clipper ship used for transporting passengers to South Australia. F. 19; Smith, John F., 17; Salter, Hy. document.write("TheShipsList"); Nankivell, Wm., 34; Margt., 33; Mitchell, and Mr. and Mrs. Dunk and infant, in the saloon. Michael, 23 ; Giles, Thos., 20; Hocking. Accession No: A/S03/10/74/108 English: The City of Adelaide was built in 1864 by William Pile, Hay and Co. in Sunderland, England, and was launched on the 7th May 1864. Between 1864 and 1887 the ship made 23 annual return voyages from London and Plymouth to Adelaide, South Australia. Monday. For W. and J. Storrie-20 pkgs. The glass was very low on Thursday, and the atmosphere looked threatening, but it was thought that the state of the weather would not interfere with the operations. Thompson, William H., 26; Emma, 27; Elizabeth J., infant; without written consent of Our ship is in the sand six feet, and they cannot move it. John Thomas, a lumper [lumper = a day laborer employed to handle cargo], very pluckily swam off to the vessel, and would have boarded her but that he was forbidden, being informed that there was fever on board. Please click here for a list of passengers from 1864 - 1886. Olds, Wm., 27;. A number of persons hastened to the beach, and later in the day there were several hundreds, including a few friends of the passengers. Richards, Wm., 29; Phillis, 34; John, 8; We are sorry at having to report that, driven by the seven westerly gale, which lasted during Sunday night, Messr. Nearly 900 passengers travelled to South Australia on the ship over a period of 23 years - of these pioneers, there are more than 250,000 estimated direct descendants. German Lists, ship City of Adelaide, Welcome to our City of Adelaide website celebrating this remarkable and exceptionally historic passenger clipper ship. We have virtually all these ship lists - available here for you to view. George and Annie (Fuller) Wilcox first arrived in South Australia on the maiden voyage of the City of Adelaide in 1864. document.write(""); The morning's tide being best any attempt on afternoon's water would have certainly proved futile, so the whole force is ready for Friday morning's flood, when there is a probability of her coming off the sand. The travellers are loud in praise of the doctor, and although his discipline was stringent, yet when it was fully realized that this was for mutual welfare there was no trouble. The Harbour-Master of Port Adelaide proceeded to the ship on Thursday, so as to render any necessary advice and assistance. Tag: City of Adelaide Clipper Ship. All the people were passed by the Health Officer, and as soon as possible Mr. Sison and several of the cabin passengers landed at the Semaphore Jetty. The last message opened ran thus: —'My dear friends— We wish we could get to you, but we cannot. Johnson. document.write("TheShipsList"); by Robert Classification — Married men, 7 ; married women, 11 ; single men, 24 ; single women, 26 ; children from 1 to 12 — boys, 5 ; girls, 10 ; children under one year, 3. note: where maiden name Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 The following is a list, as furnished by Dr. W.M. Haaze, Wilhelm, 30; Auguste, 21; Anna, 7; Pauline, 3; She arrived in Australian waters on a heavy lift ship covered in quarantine wrap in January 2014, back for the first time in 125 years. ForD. August 24:— City of Adelaide, ship, 791 tons, Llewellyn Bowen, master, from London May 29, via Plymouth June 6. Year Title Description Download ; 1876 : Glenavon : 1/1876 - Glenavon : PDF: 1876 : Star of Erin These were, as far as possible, taken care of by the agent of Messrs. Harrold Brothers, who was down at the beach both morning and afternoon. The oldest surviving clipper ship, the 'City of Adelaide' is now in Port Adelaide. Cape Leuwin was passed on the 16th August, and Cape Borda on Sunday morning. document.write("S. Swiggum"); The Ship City of Adelaide Safe.— Mrs. Robinson, Rev. Burton, Charles, 36; Emma, 30; The main deck of the vessel was thronged with the assisted immigrants, who watched with interest the picking up of the various bottle missives. The following is a list of the immigrants:— Lists,1847-1886 see also SA Patron: His Excellency the Honourable Hieu Van Le AC, Governor of South Australia. document.write(""); Clipper Ship City of Adelaide Price from $20. document.write(""); Williams, Richard, 33; Emily, 34; Mary, 11; Richard, 8; John, 6; Bessie, 5; Emily, 2 ; Jane, infant ; ship from England to S.A. with government passengers for 1873 ; —0— births Dock Two, Port Adelaide, Adelaide, South Australia, 5015 8337 5645 0418 846 638 [email protected] English —Isabella Davis, aged 25 years, occupation, servant ; Jane Davis, 23, servant ; Elizabeth Edwards, 45, housekeeper ; Bessie Edwards, 11 ; Sarah Edwards, 10 ; Jane Ford, 44 ; Mary A. Griffin, 34 ; Elizabeth K. Griffin, 5 ; Susan Hood, 17, servant ; Elizabeth Nancarrow, 19 ; Mary Nancarrow, 14 ; Ann Orchard, 56 ; Elizabeth Rowe, 44 ; Richard Rowe, 9 ; William Rowe, 7 ; Stephen Rowe, 3 ; Elizabeth Rowe, 18 ; Christiana Rowe, 16 ; Fanny Scotcher, 23 ; Susan Sincock, 18 ; Frank Saffin, 8 ; Harriet Winter, 28 ; Isabella Phillips, 34, matron of ship, husband in colony ;. Last updated: July 13, 2013 and maintained by Immigrant ships papers; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column Jno., 21 ; Barman, Samuel, 23; Hollywood, Peter, 15 ; Johns, Isaac, 18 ; Kerslake, Thomas, 19; Kealey, Thomas, 24; Lahave, Pat., 25; Maddern, Martin, 21; McCabe, Michael, 26; Mooney, Wm., 23; Mullins, Michael, 18; Mahoney, Jeremiah, 18; Laurence, 13; John; 29 ; O'Donnelly, Pat., 36; Quinlan, James, 15 ; Sadlier, Pat., 20; Stevens, Wm., 24; Searle; Wm., 32; Uren, Henry, 21; Willoughby, B., 22; — 1st These were in addition to her own complement of passengers in the cabin, and for their accommodation the 'tween decks were fitted up in the usual manner of bygone days, save and except it was not entirely clear, for a space before the main hatchway was filled with cargo. Australia Nationality. The City of Adelaide (1864) and Cutty Sark (1869) are the last two clipper ships surviving in the world today. reference Owing to the continuance of the high wind the tide receded very little on Monday; but it is said that if the weather were calm a person could walk out to the vessel. 2K likes. document.write(".com'>"); ... As a former passenger vessel from 1864 to 1887, the social history from passengers and crew forms part of the display inside the ship and in the Information Centre. Mr. William Roe, or Thomas A. Peake, of Rundle-street, were informed that ' E. P. is quite well, and the steamers are coming to-morrow to tow us off.' Off-site Links Port Adelaide Vacation Packages; Flights to Port Adelaide; Port Adelaide Restaurants; Things to Do in Port Adelaide; Port Adelaide Travel Forum; Port Adelaide Photos; Port Adelaide Map; Port Adelaide Travel Guide; All Port Adelaide Hotels; Near Landmarks. document.write(""); list comprises three sections arranged alphabetically, i families, For Robin and Birks— 80 cases. ship City of Adelaide, 794 tons, Captain Llewellyn Bowen, from London 11th April, Plymouth 18th April, 1873 arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 3rd July 1873 As the day dawned it was seen that a large ship was ashore below the Stations. Cleland, Mitchell and Co., Port ; Harrold Brothers, Town, agents. Date(s) of creation: October 3, 1874. The South Australian Register, Monday 31 August 1874 indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding Image No: b49948. p. 6. This unique passenger cargo sailing ship survives today as the last of the passenger clipper ships. 360 likes. During the voyage the people enjoyed good health, and upon their arrival they were in excellent spirits. The map on the right gives you some indication of how difficult it was for ships to come to Adelaide. She ranged up and took the hauling line, dropped down on the City's port quarter, and after some trouble got the line on board. Jabez Griffiths, 24, printer ; Eliza A. Griffiths, 24 ; Laura E. Griffiths, 1 ; Amy Griffiths, 1 ; John Harris, miner ; Grace Harris, 22 ; Simon Harris 1 ; William Nancarrow, 44, miner ; Elizabeth Nancarrow, 43 ; Sarah A. Nancarrow, 11 ; John R. Nancarrow, 9 ; Maria Nancarrow, 5 ; Isaac P. Rowe, 22, miner ; Charity Rowe, 22 ; Elizabeth Rowe, 1 ; Alfred Stribling, 43 labourer ; Emily Stribling, 40 ; Edward Chas. The police-troopers who were dispatched to the scene early in the morning by Chief Inspector Searcy have made arrangements to stay on the beach during the night in case anything should require their services. The Ship City of Adelaide.— document.write(""); City of Adelaide is a clipper ship, built in Sunderland, England, and launched on 7 May 1864. 1849 : Port Fairy Passenger List - An index to references for passengers to and from Port Fairy (in Victoria, Australia) for the year 1849 from the Portland Guardian and Belfast Gazette. ii single men, iii single women & children ; transcriber notes, Sources: State document.write("