Thanks. (Bug #22915) There are a couple of food barrels and a basket containing green apples here, beside these is a small set of shelves holding four bottles of skooma, a blue dartwing and an expert locked strongbox. Okay, here is a work around for the PC version. Fallowstone Cave: Northeast of Riften. In this cave there is an unowned bed roll against the east wall, while against the rear wall is a small raised area with a wooden ramp going up. Mauhulakh will trade ebony ore with her. the sound changes, and you drop out of sneak/loseweapon. Has anyone found it, and if so can you direct me? the game thinks I am under water...but I ain't. STAGE 80 - (Take Borgakh to Malacath's Shrine in Fallowstone Cave) STAGE 85 - (Speak with Borgakh at Malacath's Shrine) STAGE 90 - Borgakh and I return now to Narzulbur. It worked for me. User Info: Chrono222Nomad. It should get the Quest back on track. STAGE 95 - I can return to Adrianne in Whiterun, now. Just wait a bit and … (Bug #22962) The guard at the southeast gate should handle the encounter properly if the player has not yet dealt with the one at the north gate. Haemar's Cavern: East of Helgen. While the acquisition of the quest Discerning The Transmundane, is easy enough, you just have to be level 15 or above to begin, completing it is another whole ball game. Now, this is somewhat new to me. Exiting from fallowstone cave. Chrono222Nomad (Expert) - 9 years ago 0 2. water glitch...driving me nuts - posted in Skyrim Technical Support: so many times when I am near water but not even in it, thescreen pops with the filmy cover for water that happens when you areUNDER water. I am experiencing constant crashes within a specific area (not an instance location! I must tell Mauhulakh about his curse. The Cursed Tribe is a Daedric quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in which the Dragonborn must assist the orcs of Largashbur in contacting the Daedra lord Malacath to guide them in their struggles. It was bizarre. Now fast travel to Fallowstone cave and enter the cave and then exit. Discussion in 'Skyrim Help' started by dmfw, Feb 26, 2012. dmfw New Member. Joined: Dec 21, 2011 Messages: 11 Likes Received: 0 Reputation: 0 I am in fallowstone cave. First go to the console and type (Prid 3bc27) without the parentheses and then type (moveto c217c). For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Kill The Dragon Located At Mount Anthor Problem". Up until patch 1.2, there was a glitch in the game to exploit this reward an infinite number of times to level your skills. specifically a certain outdoor area - roughly a circle with a diameter that starts a bit south of Narzulbur - right outside the stronghold walls; and ends somewhat north of Stony Creek Cave) in the game. I need to leave, and the game points me back to the entrance. But there is a high ledge that I can not climb or jump, so I am stuck in the cave. He followed me around and was waiting outside Fallowstone Cave when I went inside, but when I came out again he had been replaced by Shadowmere. The giant at the end of Fallowstone Cave will now wield his unique enchanted club. Giant's Grove is a location that you can only reach by going through Fallowstone Cave, but I can't find the exit from Fallowstone Cave to Giant's Grove. then a half second later it realizes it is wrong and stops. I went through the feeding chamber, up the ramp where the mammoth skull is, but I don't see any paths leading from there.