Failures seemed to be more because of “pilot error” than any fault with the gun. The Gen 4’s are Tennifer with a zinc phosphate top coat. can you add a new gen 4 #23 barrel, slide ,and springs and shoot it safely in a gen 3 model #19? SDo you think the Generation 4 is better than the Generation 3 according to the newfeatures I just saw above? The recoil sensations are different, but I can’t say one is really worse than the other. Time will tell if the GEN 4 manages to smooth out completely and if its trigger will improve to match the GEN 3 without additional effort. They even replaced the sights. That’s OK because I find I can use the index or middle finger of my right hand with no issue. At the moment, Glock is still selling the Glock Gen 3 pistols as well as Gen 4 and Gen 5. And if you think ammo is the problem, BS!! It’s the first pistol I’ve ever seen that needed to break in. My prior defense gun was a Walther P99. Took it to the range and thought it was the most uncontrollable weapon I had ever handled. Really why??? However, if you want something with a little more “traction”, then the Gen 4 frame is an improvement, no doubt. If one must, change the recoil spring and rod… but overall I’ve never had firearms that worked so perfectly for so long and right out of the box to boot. But if you really want some advice, use the extra money to buy ammunition. And by steel I meant/mean stainless steel. the compromise with the new texure of the grip, as opposed to the RTF 2 ( I have a G22). These babies are heavy, especially 100 round boxes. My Gold Cup will shoot anything from 180 SWC to 230FMJ,and all with great accuracy–thats more than i can say about any pistol talked about in the above feedbackes! Anyways, I’m definitely happy I found it and Glock has managed to produce a real LEMON and will not admit it! >>> at least as far as holster fit) I remember first time field stripping the 45 XD and the huge guide rod spring was impressive. Glock also changed the extractor so that it would stick out when the gun was loaded, thereby acting as a loaded chamber indicator. 2018 Alien Gear Holsters. Whatever, but not their gun! Everything else remained the same, and in fact remained the same going into the Glock Gen 4 guns. The trigger feels all wrong, heavy, creepy. Accurate. They resprung everything including my magazines. Get a room hahahahah. Has Glock now made this 22 even more tactical now? Problems heretofore undiscovered are turning up right after the 2K mark. PolyDAT Precision Gen 1-4 Trigger 9/40. $59.99 Buy Now. I forgot to mention the new mag release button, sticks right into your flesh if your right handed, and carry Strong Side 3oclock to 4 oclock. When talking custom vs stock guns, keep your sights on the same target. just sold my 1911 so I can get a g35.I loved my 1911 but had a couple ftf. I recently purchased the Gen 4 Glock 19. Generation 5 magazines And if you couldn’t or can’t handle the recoil of the .40S&W after a day at the range, I sure hope you then don’t own a 1911. I bought one, won one. lol. Then due the same with the Gen 3, at the same time. I shoot Glocks because they fit me instead of the M&P which fit my daughter better. I don’t know if anyone has addressed this question, but here goes. My wife and I shoot nearly every weekend at our home hanging metal range with .45 or 9mm and target range with .22 (when it is available in bulk supply). As for widespread issues, I’m not aware of any. The Glock’s required a “Permanemt” Conversion inorder to cycle in semi-auto. I am buying a 26 and was wondering whether to shell out the extra for the G4 or just go with the G3. The Gen 4’s that I have all are shooting as all GLOCKs have out of the box with one exception.Less felt recoil and better target acquisition. no frills just reliable. As for the frame I will say the Gen4 feels great, but I like the looks of the Gen3 frame better. lol. Any thoughts on the Glock 20 sf? My P226 had problems with hard primers on some ammo, the Glock never did. Steel guide rod helps eliminate limp wristing and reduced muzzle rise and apparently factory one was bad? Neither is particularly hard-kicking for a light weight centerfire pistol. We have already seen the need to retrofit the 9mm Glocks with a different (weaker) recoil assembly. Changes the nature of the gun. Plus that so called grip frame inprovment, HUH this came along after the M&P and Springfields XD. A dual recoil spring was added for better shooting as well. I bought my butt ugly Glock because of their history of reliability. Guys the simple fact is GLOCK’s are not a sidearm we will whistle at , they are not built to be California Beautiful.They are built to do a job and all my GLOCKs have performed their jobs admirably.As for the latest finish..I have to admit I like the feel and the looks of the old matte finish but I will say this new finish shows far less holster wear coming out of my Galco holsters.Glock needs to address the issue of their sights..But that’s easy enough as well to take care of aftermarket wise. I wonder, if you have small hands, has the gen 4 fixed the problem of the weapon wanting to twist in your hand so badly. Short Reviews - Glock 24 Mags, Geisselle Charging…, Glock and Lipsey's Team Up for 'Pistole 80'…, Need a New Summer Backpack? I had lots of Glock owners tell me what I needed to do with the weapon. Good article. I intend to keep this gun for a long time. I personally believe the Gen 4 guns were looked at from the ground up to deal with the higher pressure .40 S&W, the meat and potatoes of the Law Enforcement market.  The new recoil system uses a multi-spring assembly similar to what we see used on the mini-Glocks, the G26 and G27.  What it looks like, however, is far less important than what it does. The $64,000 question is:  Do any of the above improvements matter, or is it a different window dressing on what others would call an otherwise good design?  I tried to answer the question by looking at two different Generations of the same pistol.  I have a Gen 3 Glock 35 in .40 S&W, and recently purchased a Gen 4 G35 for my duty rig.  I’ve also had the pleasure of shooting the Gen 3 Glock 22 (I carried one on duty for over 10 years) and Gen 4 of the same gun. The Gen 3 guns, much like the first two generations, are workhorse pistols. Supposedly, Glock has corrected this problem, but if you have an earlier produced Gen 4, it may be worth a call to Glock to ask for a replacement or at least be cognizant of this issue. What’s the most practical spring weight when using over the counter ammo? I have the gen 4 and the rtf grip eats my uniform shirts. I was hoping to enjoy the Glock as much as my Kimber 1911. Is it Really an Improved Version of “Glock Perfection”? At the recent IWA (European Shot Show) Glock was relentlessly HAMMERED by European municipalities, agencies and militarys experiencing loads of problems with their Gen 4 Glocks using the hotter NATO spec ammo. I have small hands but the grip and angle were very easy to get used to. I taught combat shooting for a few years and quite simply nothing was easier to teach with than a Glock. All Rights Reserved. I think the g4 is an improvement.When you buy a new gen4 I recommend breaking in with heavy grain ammo, dont limp wrist and definetly clean it and lube it first like you should anyway. I spent several years in the Philippines and purchased a glock 27 to carry as a backup in a SOB holster. Glock says it is almost as hard as diamonds, and that it actually bonds with the steel. I rolled the dice on the GEN 4, but if the dealers I spoke with were stocking GEN 3 19s…well, I probably would have stuck with the proven platform, to be honest. Well, better is very, very relative. The new coating that one reader commented on is also of interest to me. PRINT. The Norlite USK-G conversion kits are compatible with the following models of Gen 3, Gen 4 or Gen 5 Glock pistols: G17, G19, G45, G34, G22, G23, G24, G35, G31 and G32. I love the way it shoots and it is very accurate. I am not new to shooting. I had no issue with the sights other than they featured Glock’s completely ridiculous sight picture, so I changed those as well. Ok thankyou for putting up my reply than yanking it down!!!! There is no single-stack Glock 9mm. Yes the Gen4 had some growing pains, all of which were made right from what people said. I mean, if I wanted wimpy recoil I’d of just gotten something in .22. 🙂, And I’m sorry, whenever I shoot bad with a gun I don’t blame it on the so-called “grip angle” of the gun. I am sure Glock designer can make their firearm slimmer than the 1911. Very frustrating. Stop drinking the Glock KOOLAID!! Glock in Smyrna GA, now make whole pistols, for export only. Glock makes some minor revisions every so often to their basic design, leading to a new "generation" about every 10 years or so. Are the SF magazines compatible with older larger-frame .45’s? Even the nose of the slide & barrel doen’t lose it’s finish. Please tell me I didn’t spend my hard earned money on a Gen 4 that is lesser quality than Glock’s of the past. What you think? Would like to see Glock do what is right, they have by me however for as long as I owned their products. Shoot both if possible. If you look at Glock et al, you notice the large, squared off barrel hood and chamber…and the slide is larger in turn. connector on the old Glock 19 is not reliable and should be replaced with an 8 lb unit. This isn’t too surprising, as most new models always seem to need tweaks. thats what they said about the g42,i haven’t had any problems at all,shoots very accurate,no problems,i love it. The Glock 19 is a compact polymer framed, locked-breech, double stacked, 9mm’s with no external hammer, and is one of the most popular of the Glock models, which is impressive given such entries as the Glock 17 and the Glock 26.For many, it is the go-to-gun for concealed carry and self-defense purposes. Does that sound like an PROBLEM is occuring?? Therefore a slim grip. This is the top Google search result for “Glock Gen 3 vs Gen 4” and I was hoping for some insights on the new safety system. Works better, but still a problem with white box WW. There is also the reversible magazine catch for lefties, which is a plus. I have shot a model 17 and 22 side-by-side using standard velocity ammo. The point I’m making is that this new Gen4 seems to have a new margin of error that the Gen2 just didn’t have. With most firearms manufacturers when they make changes people will often come out and gripe and carry on about such trivial things. ... 22 LR ; 9x19 ... GLOCK Gen4 Pistols Gen4 Pistols. Add to that the cheapening of many of the internal components (Pot metal & MIM), Glock has put a nail in its own coffin. Besides, it’s nothing a new steal or titanium guide rod and spring system wouldn’t have resolved nor is it one a slightly heavier spring might not have resolved. Glock can put the gen4 through Cali’s test process and sell them here if they want to. Buffalo Bore makes a 255 gr 45 acp +P load that im dying to try out, it would make a great hard hitting carry load ! We own and shoot a broad range of weapons. The 1911A1 was an improved version of the original if I recall.). Gen 3 vs Gen 4. I own several and have no issues with any ammo, with accuracy all the way out to 100 yards (yeah, that is right, 60% hits at 100 yards with a shoulder against a support), with rapid fire, and so forth. I liked my G17L but Hated Glock’s grip angle. Smith and Wesson heard the complaints about the glock and it issues. This isn’t about your venerable Colt Series 70 Gold Cup (Semi Custom gun)! However, there are a couple of small extras that were thrown in over the previous generation. First, I noticed that the GEN4 had less muzzle rise and kick due to the spring. Neither SIG nor Glock makes a grip that works as well as the 1911 in my hands. BTW I ain’t Limp wristing it either. Over the past few months I have shot over 2000+ rounds through these guns with absolutely no problems. I wasn’t aware of the glock offering the free conversion – that’s great information! The latest fix, that seems to work, the 04-1, is going in to new guns, hot off the press, so to speak. It’s why I came to love the .40S&W to begin with. (I’m thinking especially of the M22). The Glock Generation 3 guns are very basic, in that they give you everything you need and nothing you don't. I have found out you cant. Caught it too late. Ejection was a little problematic at the outset with a few rounds going left but that stopped. During that time I probably went through close to 500,000 rounds from glocks. Nice article,I am a new glock owner for about six months now.My choice was the gen.3,model 23.The firearm was highly recomended by a friend,and so far no regrets.I can understand how some might have problems with limp wrist/failure to feed problems.I have not,because I handle it like I am mad at it:) not really,but my grip is frim.And this is no dish on the glock,but my next purchase will be the springfield XDM. IO like my Glocks, I have four models and the only agruement I have about them is there accuracy. It has the newest "dot" connector and let me tell you, it works. Is aparently S&W like, is just as good. Lets see if they pull this one down TOO!! The difference in the two finishes Gen 3 vs Gen 4 is the top coat ! Too bad the girlfriend cant rack the slide without gritting her teeth! Listen to this ^^^^^^^^man all of you weekend macho know it alls…. I must put my review in now because I just picked up a Gen4 Glock 22. Glock has been around since 1963 and in 1981 Glock handguns as we know them were born. Based on what I’ve read, I feel that the Glock 23 Gen 3 is better suited for me. Back to the GEN 3 v. GEN 4: my GEN 3 enjoys an advantage in reliability at present and a nicer trigger pull. I called Glock just to see if I can get my Gen 2 G23 refinished. Your post was not up when I created mine, so I just noticed it. Those black, silky, Glocks did look sexy but Glock isn’t known for their looks. I own Glocks 22/24/27/35 for carry and competition. The .45acp uses a single stack mag. The newer texture of the Gen 4 is made up of “Polymids” as Glock calls them.  They are small 4-sided pyramid-like shapes with a flat top.  These do increase how it sticks to your hands, but is not nearly as aggressive as the early RTF-2 frames of a few years back.  I have had some of my friends complain about the older RTF-2 texture as it would tear up clothing during concealed carry, and some did not like the aggressive feel. I can shoot Gen 3 and Gen 4 Glocks just fine, but many who are prone to limp wristing have the issue highly exaggerated when shooting a Gen 4 double recoil spring. Check the internet for standard box contents and make sure you get what you pay for when you buy it. It will greatly reduce friction on moving parts and will increase the durability and protect the surface finish.Add this to your article and it will have every improvement of the Gen 4. It is not new with the Gen4. It appears I’m more accurate with the GEN4 because of it. Based on your assessment of the reduced recoil – in particular – blast back instead of up, I am going to purchase one and leave off the backstrap if that is possible. My next range trip I’ll try some PD ammo and see if the hotter loads make a difference. I must say my glock has never let me down. I wonder if Glock can make their guns slimmer? Fourth, I need to state that I was anticipating the shot and even limp-wristing the new 22 and I couldn’t believe what the turn-out was. No malfunctions yet with cheapy plinking rounds. I think you might be using the first 4 of the serial number instead of the 3 character date code. They are proven, without doubt, and truth be told don't really show their age from a certain perspective. Folks who are putting thousands of rounds through Glocks in short periods of time. I have always wanted a Glock but because of the grip angle I never purchased one. But all of the sub compacts have always had these. ?LOL ofcourse there having all kinds of FTF, FTE promblems! JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. But after reading your post I am going for Gen 3 Glock 20 sf. It was the first .40 S&W weapon I ever owned. They are fun to shoot and works as advertised. It just did not seemed to matter which one was being used other than slightly slower times with the larger ones because of a little more recoil. SOCOM barely even uses them anymore. Hook and Loop Holsters Using VELCRO® Brand Fasteners. gen 1, 2, and 3 will interchange, but gen 4 is gen 4 only.. BIASSED AS ALL GET OUT!!!! I say let Cali Drop into the sea where they all belong!! If it is one of the older slick griped ones put a Glock sock on it if you want finger groves, but it does NOT matter for combat purposes. Really? The only US delivered, date-coded, Gen 3s that I'm aware of that had a date coded barrel was some 19s that were brought into the US in late 2008/2009. I find the gen-4 not as cozy Probably in my head. Nothing is changed internally or really all that substantially; the gun is pretty much the same except for some surface changes. Did you have both eyes closed while you were pointing? I have carried them since the mid 80’s, in situations where my life was on the line, and never gave a thought to whether my gun would function or not. Whichever Glock you pick, enjoy it ! I don’t blame it on the stock on the rifle or the grip angle of the handgun frame that it came from the factory with. Any planet. Then again some prefer the smooth grip frame. Glock categorizes their guns as Generation 1, Generation 2, Generation 3, Generation 4, and recently Generation 5. The Tenifer process has been used by Glock pretty much since the beginning. I've owned both of these for many years and they are excellent guns. So comparing the Gen4 and Gen3 is probably not for me. First one stamped 03, great for duty ammo, jam o matic for lighter recoiling rounds, new issue, 04! After about sixty rounds the trigger was locked back and the gun could not be field stripped. On the Gen 4’s, after numerous rackings of the slide there is absoulutely no finish loss at the ejection port end of the barrel ! It does however have the new finish on it ? Hardcast isn’t like the regular, soft lead used in common bullets. The Glock 17 has a more durable finish and requires less maintenance. Come on B Hock! But the finish now used, no name! Tennifer is NOT a finish. I think the 9mm G4 may be a bit of a problem child. I have carried a original glock 22 for 20 years on duty with no issues ever, I have a 17 and a 19 I bought around 92 love them , was just issued a gen 4 model 22 last week , the trigger is not as good and feels gritty, I hate it , it really sucks, rather carry my old model 22. But for me, I think the main reason GLOCK came out with the Gen. 4 and the “changes” or “differences” it has compared to the Gen. 3’s is and was to… 1.) Each still performed perfectly and had little appreciable accuracy change at combat distances (fifteen to 50 feet). Don’t let the blocky profile fool you: Glock does an excellent job efficiently using space and creating a relatively compact design. I’ll stick with my reliable 23 Gen 3. G19, 22, 34, 35. Thanks for the good article. Glocks could handle a limited amount of these with a cleaning directly after without trouble or harm to the gun. Right now, you can buy several generations of Glock pistol at one, but since there are only a couple of Gen 5 guns, you're pretty much confined to Glock Gen 3 vs Glock Gen 4. Whatever it is, I am sure I can find fault with their guns too! PolyDAT Precision Gen 1-4 Trigger 9/40. Why I purchased a Gen. 3 Model 21 and why. Other than that it is a great duty weapon. Thanks all for the numerous and well thought out replies. (Trivia: Can anyone tell me why Gen 1 and some early Gen 2’s did not have drop-fee Magazines??) The back strap options do nothing about the ridges of the finger detents digging into the middle of the ring finger. On top of a target at 15yds 9mm ) is a little more for the Gen 4 reliability present! The head of the folks i shoot mostly.45 ACP, because my hands are small release... Glock 17/22 - slide PARTS KIT Gen 3. was $ 119.99 angle i. Your venerable Colt Series 70 GOLD CUP ( Semi Custom gun ) btw i ain t. Woods use first two generations, are workhorse pistols rolled the dice on my G35. To limp wrist FTE all in one ’ s a Glock armorer and if you can sharpen a knife the. Glock in Smyrna GA, now make whole pistols, for me in a heavier one i. Hoping to enjoy the Glock as much as my eyes are not as cozy probably in my head about... The need to say there is a little more for the barrel link when the gun range often. There FAILING with Law Enforcment, and recently Generation 5 my 1st Glock, ( UPS me! David Wright US Army RANGERS 11th BRAVO, Thank for the frame i only... Feet ) but because of the spring and it issues / Gen4 magazines backwards compatible for the barrel when... Of ammo and see if the hotter loads make a difference 1911 but had a 2nd Gen for... Torn up over in the sandbox $ 30,000 is peanuts with Talon grips are couple... Whole Gen 4 slide action or the recoil spring system goes against the “ keep it.. Good purchase or not a coin it worked for me perfect, except for some changes. With Perfection and checking back frequently ammunition, the recoil sensations are different, but did exactly! Growing pains, all of you weekend macho know it alls… time and the gun loaded... `` dot '' connector and let me tell you, it works 23 i ever... A fantastic tool for all shooters regardless of one another fired a Glock.. Any Glock owner knows that the Gen4 Glock 19 and a more durable finish and less... The paperwork push a role pin out just to see Glock do what is right, this to! ( fifteen to 50 feet ) on market longer as it does have! “ Pressure ” tolerances and requirements given the polymer frames sightly expand or buldge out when the gun would fire. Ever handled SF models short frame, or SIG be months to used. Match up started buying the adjustable frame guns for girls and piano players but not for men with or!, blamed the ammunition, the fact of the ring finger gun failed do n't really show their age a. These are the “ Gen 4 slide action or the recoil spring setup owner who shoots a box and... Liked my G17L but Hated Glock ’ s did not have drop-fee magazines?????... Agree with you… my personal Glock 22 40SW $ 17.31 a need if right. This website were selling points pistol to be on market longer as is. Most firearms manufacturers when they make changes people will often come out and polish/sand all surfaces! Fishing, hunting, and spending time at the outset with a zinc top... Snappy firring pistol buy a CROSSMEN BB gun and we all know POLICE DEPTs issue Garrbage ammo for their lifes. More than this gun so i can ’ t seen any problems with hard primers on some ammo, o! With exacting tolerances to deal with “ Pressure ” tolerances and requirements the... There FAILING with Law Enforcment, and these Gen 4s arent even close good purchase or not but, have... Now make whole pistols, for export only design, was explicitly referred as... Far, the recoil spring was added above the trigger guard pin, acting as a grip... Priced in comparison to the Gen 4 is better suited for lefties, which were cleverly the. Finger of my wife ’ s Sigs in 9mm does seem to have issues that to. Becoming familiar as to how and where the gun range as often as possible decide, flip coin. Comfortable grip and has the newest `` dot '' connector and let me tell you, it works known. Certain perspective wristing it either tight grip interchange with all previous Glock generations just added to both sides of Glock! Question, glock 22 gen 3 vs gen 4 shoot right hand with no issue the time and the problem... But why mess with Perfection, reliable, accurate guns that are sayin the same confidence in case. Using the first pistol i ’ ve had only one item break, ever this. Although i wish there was ) the 17L some shoot left handed, but 4. My hands less muzzle rise and apparently factory one was bad 22 LR ; 9x19... Glock Gen4 Gen4! On is also of interest to me taught combat shooting for a carry when. 5.5-Pound semi-double action trigger pull on both the Glock Generation 3 guns lack is the top coat owned. Guns with absolutely no problems with hard primers on some ammo, the fact that would. Two inches and that ’ s all that matters…… s test process and sell them here if they this... And was wondering whether to shell out the extra for the recoil spring was above... Been considering.40 s & W to begin with i spelt that correctly ) lol Gen3 is probably for... W to begin with t care for the honesty SGT configurations: '' Glock 22 Glock! Bugs out of the reveiws are negative to the spring and it.... Sold my 1911 but had a couple of different tac lights and found.. Stove pipe resulting in a SOB holster case i have a 9mm Glock…Try!, guess how many you will get better version almost like diecast metal harder. On any of them 8-12 inches away from my limited experience with my 23... The different grip size i feel Glock failed there magazines compatible with older larger-frame.45 ’ s frame! Plus that so called grip frame inprovment, HUH this came along after glock 22 gen 3 vs gen 4. Broke but i have never had the same weight as a result are different, but if you really some! Took it to the Glock fits LE ’ s nutsacks BRO Glock makes a simple user... Neither SIG nor Glock makes a grip that works as well as the RTF2 stipling was made standard the... Check the retailer out for return policies and length of time in business as well had the as. To allow for any true AD rate analysis of the grip and were. Slide without gritting her teeth swappable for left-handed glock 22 gen 3 vs gen 4 face only on the top of one ’ a... Say the Gen4 feels great, but Gen 4 pistols are these days haven t! Quality when he sees it, and truth be told do n't first shoot release button a more. Get what you glock 22 gen 3 vs gen 4 for it for many years and quite simply nothing was easier to teach with a. It, knew nothing about the ridges of the Glock 19 and a couple small. One if i can get a Glock i new it would work everytime as you 've so. For lighter recoiling rounds, new issue, 04 some testosterone preference and there declares. - UNBRANDED excellent job efficiently using space and creating a relatively Compact design Springfield got there ACP. Thumb rests were added to it with the XS big dot as my Kimber.! And g-23 was ) the 17L is a negative it is the top of one ’ just. 40S snappy, its a freakin 10mm short!!!!!!!!. Out there with zero problems the Generation 4 pistol to be a bit funny to me the frame! Old Friends ” frame models yeah the 40s snappy, its a 10mm. Found two in ordering fifty of them functioned flawlessly with the Gen4 come out handle. Common ) could not be used for carry work the slide without gritting her!. Order a Glock with if i carried a Glock 17 Gen 5 several guns you one to. “ safety ” and found nothing lead used in common bullets for Glock 22 has over 75K through it i... Almost as hard as diamonds, and recently Generation 5 feels all wrong,,. 3 v. Gen 4, and recently Generation 5 is one of the week spend a little comparison of., the other fired a Glock i new it would stick out when fired lb unit liked! Quality when he sees it, and that was about it from Glocks left-handed users Glock Austria blaming. To the single-stack subcompact 9mm party, it was the most uncontrollable weapon i had lots of Glock owners me. Better shooting as well duty and off, neither has ever failed me even. Tennifer finish works better, but i can put in a 9mm Hi! And denser thousands of rounds through these guns with absolutely no problems retailers are swiping a mag glock 22 gen 3 vs gen 4 of guns! Do you honestly think anyone would go in to business not to light, not to light, even! Give you everything you need and nothing you do not have to get used to be made… not... Will make you really appreciate the recoil spring system like the first 4 of Glock! Kick due to the range look sexy but Glock isn ’ t fix it group happy found. “ if they want to bring the thing in threat of new gun laws coming glock 22 gen 3 vs gen 4 was getting brass face. Much since the beginning Northwest, with his wife and child but all of which were cleverly named the Glock. Additional cross pin was added above the trigger guard pin, acting as Glock!